Abortion Rights Rally

https://vimeo.com/670000007 Reporter Aaron Arellano talks with pro-choice activists rallying in downtown Los Angeles while the Supreme Court hears a case that could overturn Rode v Wade.

Calling it Quits

https://vimeo.com/670000129 Valerie Valadez reports on how the COVID-19 pandemic, low pay and better opportunities are leading many California workers to call it quits.

Mega Concert Dangers

https://vimeo.com/670000038 In the wake of the deadly crowd crush at the Travis Scott concert in Texas, reporter Aaron Arellano takes a closer look at the dangers of mega concerts.

Route 91: Road to Recovery

https://youtu.be/ekOK3yEjTuk The Route 91 Massacre took the lives of 58 people and injured nearly 500 others. On the second anniversary of the shooting, survivors are still on the path toward healing as they work through...